Beate Schulte-Brader

Mrs. Beate Schulte-Brader

MSC( Biology), CBP


31 Platina Street
Jukskei Park, Randburg
Johannesburg , GP 2188
South Africa

Phone: 011 462 0888


I was born in 1958 in Nuremberg, Germany, have lived and worked in several countries and am now a mother of 4 wonderful children, living in Johannesburg, South Africa, since 2001.

By profession I am a Biologist (Masters) and Personal Trainer; My first BodyTalk exposure was in 2006, and making it my career began in September 2008 after  finishing Module 1 and 2. My hobby is endurance sports such as running, cycling and hiking etc., anything where I can test my own body and its ability to adjust to different challenges.

Because of my love and interest in nature and its “miraculous” ways, I have always enjoyed learning about the human body from a physical, physiological and also mental and spiritual point of view. When I came in contact with BodyTalk and was able to feel the strong healing ability of the system on a physical and mental level,  I had no choice but to start learning more about it and becoming a BodyTalk Practitioner myself.

Meanwhile I have made BodyTalk my absolute passion and profession. The enthusiastic feedback from my ever growing client base confirms it every single day – BodyTalk is the way to go!