Estie Mattheus

Mrs. Estie Mattheus

CBP, Parama BP


BodyTalk Balance Centre
Winchester Hills ext 1 (between Mondeor & Suideroord)
Johannesburg South , GP
South Africa

Phone: 0828046589


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My Story
The BodyTalk System™ has really changed the way that I view and regard healthcare. Having spent many years in the field of alternative healthcare, BodyTalk found me!

At the age of 12 I found myself hospitalized for a couple of weeks with a very painful back injury, which was surgically corrected.  However, the painful spasms continued for years thereafter.  They bugged me daily.  It was hugely debilitating.  I could not ride a bicycle, could not dive into swimming pools, could not take long trips in a motor vehicle, etc.

I developed many allergies to various medicines.   My health began to deteriorate as a result. I was also told that I would not fall pregnant easily or even have a normal menstrual cycle.  The pain was, according to the medical profession, something that I had to live with for the rest of my life.  I was desperately trying to find a “cure” for my problems.

During 2003, whilst researching alternative healthcare available in South Africa, for purposes of compiling a book on it, I found “BodyTalk”. I had never heard of it so I phoned the practitioner and booked a session.  I was blown away at how easily the practitioner seemed to just “know” stuff about my body (without me saying a word).

BUT it was only when I returned 2 weeks later that I realised that I had not had a back spasm since my first visit!  Needless to say I had to learn this amazing system and have not looked back since.

Now, many years later, it has become an integral part of the way we as a family deal with our healthcare.


My clients at the clinic are continually saying that they feel calmer, more relaxed, are able to focus better, sleep better, digest life better, perform better at school, at work, in their relationships, etc.

BodyTalk is a complete healthcare system as it assists the body in more than one way.

It is truly the most remarkable healthcare system which recognises that each one of us are individuals and as such, our health-care needs are as unique as we are.

The system is continually expanding through extensive research and new developments.

My Background and Training in BodyTalk includes:

*  All basic & advanced modules of the BodyTalk System™ (1, 2, 3, 4/7, 5, 6 & 9).

*   Mindscape (developed by Dr. John Veltheim as taught by Kris Attard) for distant / surrogate work

* Veltheim Manual Lymph Drainage – assisting the body in manually draining interstitial fluids caught up between cells in order to drain excess lymphatic fluids, resulting in amongst others a healthier functioning lymphatic and immune system
*   Breakthrough I and II (developed by John and Esther Veltheim) (for use with for example belief systems / “knee-jerk” reactions that result in repeated stress patterns, etc)

Parama BodyTalk I and II and attended the Parama Unit 1 Practical course with Dr. John Veltheim during his trip to South Africa during September 2006.
Further Background


Since a very young age I have been interested in how energy affects us – hence my studies in the mechanics of various forms of energy dynamics. Some of my training and interests include:

Astrology I ASSA Foundation (SA Astrology Ass) – Harry Waldauer;

Basic Nutrition;

Basic Pranic Healing (Pranic Healing Foundation);

Empath™ Training Programme (Colleen Joy Page);

Family Constellations (John Payne (as taught by Burt Hellinger); Human Pin Codes (Richard Higgins);

Karuna Ki Master Level Attunement;

Lightarian AngelLinks™ Facilitator (Lightarian Institute of USA); Mandala Meditation Techniques;

Melchizedek Ambassador’s Training Programme (Anrita Melchizedek);

Michael Teachings  (Personality Analysis According to Michael); Past Life Regressions;

Pleaidian Lightbody Activation Programme (Anrita Melchizedek); Ramtha™  Teachings;

Reiki I and II (Usui, Traditional) (with Master Level Attunement in 1998);

Sacred Geometry;



Sept. 2004 “The Informed Choice – The A to Z of Healthcare, Modalities and Practices in South Africa” (published by Kima Global Publishers)


Courses Presented / Taught

Michael Teachings – Personality Analysis from Soul Perspective

Creative Meditative Art (art therapy combined with theory on chakras, meditations, sound healing, colour therapy)

Co-hosted with Hilda de la Rosa (ex-editor of Namaste Magazine) the “Take Control of Your Life” courses.
Please note:  BodyTalk does not diagnose illness or disease and does not replace conventional medical treatment.  It is a safe, objective and non-invasive healthcare system which enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.

Consultations are scheduled per appointment only.  Please phone during office hours to book your appointment.

If you are not able to come into the clinic personally, you are welcome to enquire about the distant healing sessions that I offer.