Jenny Holland


Contact number : 0723209963
Clinic Address: Palm Lakes, near Ballito, KZN.


I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Reiki Therapist in Palm Lakes near Ballito, Kwazulu Natal.

BodyTalk has made the most amazing difference in my life. This inspired me to pass the better health and personal growth onto others, so they can benefit in the same way I did.

I was born in Pretoria in 1955. My family moved a lot all around South Africa and was pleased to end up at Potch Girls High as a border offering me stability while my family continued their adventures.

After matriculating I met my husband, married and moved to England. Started a family and have 2 wonderful girls. Unfortunately, I ended up getting divorced and came back to South Africa with 2 young girls.

I worked extremely hard to support my family. I slowly climbed the financial ladder and was promoted to Financial Manager in a large corporate environment. This climbing the ladder and being a Financial Manager was extremely stressful. Once my girls left school and completed their tertiary education I started my own bookkeeping business and enjoyed a much more relaxing life style. One of my clients got me interested in property and I ended up becoming an estate agent and after a couple of years, I started my own estate agency in Sunninghill Johannesburg.

I ventured into several different functions to do with property and ended up in a huge overload situation. The stress was again unbelievable. My children although grown up were also rather challenging. I lost lots of ‘me’ in my business.

It was during this time that I was introduced to BodyTalk. The sessions helped me see life from a different and much better perspective. The best part was understanding the importance of loving myself again. I was able to deal with the challenges from my children in a much better way. I found with my different attitude my clients were also a lot less antagonistic, even in rather sensitive situations.

In 2014 I decided to become a professional BodyTalk practitioner. I have become quite passionate about BodyTalk and felt it was my next adventure in life. I have completed several BodyTalk modules and will continue to participate in as many further modules as possible. This is to ensure my knowledge of BodyTalk is kept up to date.

Seeing people healing from their sessions in so many different ways is really just so rewarding.