Justin Damian Furness


Website: https://infinite-wellbeing.com/
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email: lifeprint@whole-healthcare.org


Effectus Factum (Don’t be better; be Great!)

Justin has spent over a decade searching out the very latest in cutting edge techniques and strategies, never satisfied with the norm; he has always studied with people on the fringe, thought leaders who were not yet accepted by conventional authorities and who were getting long lasting and often miraculous results.  He has dedicated himself to unleashing Human Potential, studying and being mentored by Doctors, Thought Leaders and Trend Setters from around the World like Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Tony Robbins to name a few.  His specialties are vast and many and he has enjoyed working at the top level of Sports with Professional Athletes and with people from all over the World.

In 2013 Justin launched LifePrint – Unleash your Potential, a scientific geometric formula for the calculation and quantisation of Potential related through Pro-Active and Re-Active sensory behaviour.  He travels Internationally facilitating groups and sharing his formulas which are used at every level of human design, from individuals to relationships, families and business.

Justin provides integrated lifestyle and business solutions and is fully equipped to meet all of your requirements, his diverse experience and education enables each client to receive a comprehensive and tailored healthcare and/or business solution as he recognises that the location of symptoms is not always where the underlying cause originates.  Pulling out the root is far more effective than just putting a bandaid on the wound.

Welcome to your future strategies today!