Farah Bydell Cassim

Farah Bydell Cassim

My background lies firmly in the field of Human Resources.

I spent many years working as a Senior Human Resources Officer for the head office of a state department with a staff compliment of over 5000.

It was there that I discovered my passion for employee wellness at a time that the concept was largely overlooked, stemming from the simple observation that staff members were far less likely to be efficient in their duties if they were burdened by excessive and ongoing stress.

The same can be said of our bodies. In fact, it is the ongoing stress on the body and mind which hampers optimal functioning and vitality.

I used to have a secret desire to not only fix the employment matters of staff, but their personal challenges as well. I had a vision that the people who arrived to see me, feeling heavy hearted and defeated, would later leave visibly improved and optimistic.

I was introduced to Bodytalk in 2006, purely by chance. I was at the right place, at the right time, and received a very impressive first session.

I soon realized the validity of this system not only as a stress-relief and healing modality, but as an avenue for self growth as well.

I now practice as a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner from a serene space of confidentiality, non-judgement and the understanding that challenges are very often opportunities for learning, growth and for becoming better human beings. This has certainly been the case for myself.

My approach to life is simple. I have respect for all living things. I dwell in gratitude and remembrance of the fact that before we are anything else, we are human.

I live in a world of endless possibilities, seeing the best in each person I meet. The gift of life is one to be respected, appreciated and celebrated.

I have finally found the means to reach people of all ages and facilitate meaningful changes for them, in any area of their lives.

I am living my vision and loving it!