Kristél Coetzer

Kristél Coetzer

After graduating from school, Kristél enrolled as a nursing student. She qualified as a Medical Nurse in 1983. Shortly afterwards she decided to follow a very rewarding and challenging path in marketing. During this time she also studied Clinical Psychology, part time, for 3 years.

Kristel eventually joined the dynamic top marketing team at Denel Dynamics. During this time she was involved with organizing the logistics of international airshows such as the Farnborough Airshow. This was a very rewarding and satisfying 10 years of her life.

Her dynamic and uplifting personality drew her to a career in Finances and Human Resources at an Engineering company. During this time, Kristel studied counseling (trauma and emotional healing) part time. After qualifying in 2004 she began counseling (after hours) and specifically helping abused, raped and traumatized women. This was very rewarding but due to an extreme work load in the Corporate World and major health challenges, she had to quit the counseling, even though her heart and soul wanted to continue doing it full time.

It was during her time as counselor that Kristél came to the realization that there is a “missing piece in the puzzle” in the healing journey of body, soul and spirit.

Overwhelming work stress together with challenging social issues led to severe burn out, resulting in a nervous breakdown and eventually a condition that nearly took her life. During this period Kristel came to the realization that there must be more to the path of healing than just medicine.

Amidst the biggest crisis of her personal life, Kristel decided that she wanted to live doing what has proved to be her passion. Whilst in the maze of getting her life and health back, she was introduced to Body Talk and amazingly, she started feeling a difference after only her first session. A week later, in September 2016, she enrolled into the Body Talk Fundamental Course.

During her required 50 sessions to qualify for examination, she educated friends and people who used to come to her in the past for counseling. Her practice progressed spontaneously by word of mouth and wonderful miracles were witnessed. These events boosted her newly discovered passion and love for Body Talk even more.

Kristel passed her Fundamentals Examination on 27 May 2017, nine months after she was introduced to this wonderful healing system. Her diary is crammed with bookings since. Her passion to educate people on, and tell them about Body Talk, as well as doing mini sessions opened many more doors for her, not only internationally but also in South Africa. a Local medical practitioner soon started referring some patients to Kristel, especially where emotional baggage seemed to be the root cause of their illnesses. Kristel’s refreshing, pragmatic and open approach to Body Talk, together with her passion for people and commitment, would prove to be indispensable.

This passion for people is also enhanced for her love of Africa’s wild places and beings. She loves hiking in die Drakensberg or spending time in the bush surrounded by the smell and sounds of nature.

Kristél aims to become a travelling Body Talk Practitioner. She is looking forward to be an integral part of the community of Body Talk practitioners in South Africa.