Become a member of the South African Bodytalk Association

The South African BodyTalk Association provides a cohesive local matrix for certified BodyTalk practitioners. Below is a list of membership benefits

  • For a small monthly fee, we have a website that provides information about BodyTalk. Practitioners are listed by province with their contact details. We do not differentiate between Standard and Practicing members so all our members have a web presence on our site.
  • Each member is entitled to a Bio page and can also make use of an email address ( for the duration of their membership, should they elect to apply for one.
  • When enquiries are made through the website for referrals to practitioners, our members are passed these on, depending on the area requested.
  • The public utilise the site to find practitioners.
  • SABA has a Facebook page used to promote BodyTalk
  • SABA publishes an informative magazine annually for promotional use and for use in your practices. This gives informative information for you to use to educate your clients and attract new clients.  The magazine lists all CBP’s who are SABA members.
  • We offer advertising at a competitive rate in the magazine, should you are anyone you know want to advertise. This past year we printed 6000 copies as we ran out.
  • When SABA are invited to attend any events such as Wellness days, we invite our members to participate and promote their businesses. The magazines are utilised at these events to refer practitioners in the are that clients are in, should the participating members not be in an area that the client is prepared to travel to.
  • SABA is a member of the Energy Healers Organisation who are in the process of having an energy healing qualification approved by the department of education in South Africa. This is currently waiting to go before parliament and will be an NTC 5 qualification. This is a generalised Energy Healing qualification that has a specialisation in BodyTalk or one of the following modalities – EFT Tapping, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Heart Resonance Energy & MetaVarsity.
  • This qualification has been approved by HWSETA who assisted us in formulating the qualification.
  • Once approved, a the EHO will be the governing body for all Energy Healers in South Africa, much like Allied Health is for their members. We will then be able to lobby medical aids and government for recognition.
  • The EHA (Energy Healers Association, which is the member’s association) will also keep track of and award CPD points which is a prerequisite for ongoing education. Our members will be able to convert CEU points to CPD points in South Africa.
  • Any member who is a member of the EHO and SABA at the time of the qualification being approved will benefit from the grandfather clause and will not have to qualify for this new qualification. We encourage all our members to apply for membership with the Association.
  • We recently were awarded our NPO registration and are interested in any contribution that BodyTalk can make to grow awareness of our modality and assist those in need. To this end we are looking for worthy candidates to be sponsored to do Access Courses.

Join the South African BodyTalk Association

You can join us as a student or if you are already a Certified BodyTalk  Practitioner (CBP)