Elsabie M Norden

ElsabieEk is opgewonde om die brein as ‘n dinamiese genesingsinstrument vir Body Talk aan te wend.

After qualifying with a Higher Education diploma at the University of Pretoria, I specialized in remedial education for children with learning difficulties. In 30-odd years in my own practice as a remedial teacher, I focused on children from Grade 7 up and also adults with learning and reading difficulties.

In 1975 het ek as berader en later afrigter by Lifeline aangesluit, en in 1980, nadat ek gehelp het met die vestiging van die Verkragtingskrisiskliniek in Suid-Afrika, het ek ook ‘n verkragtingskrisisberader geword .

I subsequently attended an introductory lecture on BodyTalk and I realized that this technique addresses many of the challenges I have encountered in the process of remedial teaching. It provides a considerably wider spectrum of support and healing of mind and body than purely corrective therapy and the relevant medication. This realization drove me to do the BodyTalk Access course, and thereafter I completed BodyTalk Modules 1, 2, 3, 4/7, 6, 9 and Mindscape and Advanced Mindscape.

I believe that the brain is a far more dynamic instrument of healing than we realize, and can greatly reduce our reliance on external therapies and/or chemicals for healing. BodyTalk taps into that energy and empowers the client’s body to start healing itself. It is this aspect of BodyTalk that impresses me the most. It is inspiring to see how my clients regain their zest for life after a session that doesn’t diagnose, is not invasive and prescribes no medication.

Ek hoop ek sien jou binnekot sodat jy hierdie wonderlike modaliteit, Body Talk, kan ervaar.

Clinic: 484 Dawn road, Lynnwood, Pretoria, 0081
Contact Number: 072 172 1455
email: elsabie@bodytalkhealth.co.za