Cindy Gonsalves

I’ve always been interested in the alternative, holistic, natural approach to life but it wasn’t until my early 20s when I suffered with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts that I truly needed help. The only thing I knew was to consult modern medicine where I very quickly experienced the limitations and narrow approach of modern medicine. […]

Robyn Clark

BodyTalk Practitioner in Training |Certified BodyTalk Access Technician | MBA |Strategist | Retail Finance Industry I am responsible individual who respects the need for confidentiality. I empower clients to grow by being an attentive listener. I am a strong believer in developing and maintaining trusting relationships. I thrive on adding value, helping people where I […]

Juanita Barrett

As a school teacher I worked with children and families on a daily basis and was on top of form in all aspects of my life, or so I thought. My divorce in 2013 lead to all of my puzzle pieces falling to the ground and I was put onto anti-depressants to help me through […]

Somayya Sheik

I have always been fascinated by the human body; how does it heal, how does dis-ease start? Why are there unknown reasons for the development of diseases? And us as humans; what drives us to make the choices we do? Achieve what we can? It was inevitable that my questioning would lead me to BodyTalk, […]