Our 9 Certified BodyTalk Practitioners were very busy this Friday at the Webber Wentzel offices in Sandton, JHB. They gave awesome complimentary sessions to their employees. Results were oftentimes noticeable, as stress and overwhelm seemed to dissipate like a wave from their bodies. “I feel so light, it’s so amazing, I’m telling everyone in my office,” or “oh my goodness, my neck pain is gone, my knee pain is 70% better….”

The astonishing results of the BodyTalk System make this a super creative and healthy way to optimize your mental, physical and emotional health. No one should go throughout life without their monthly BodyTalk “fix.”

Find a practitioner in your area by visiting www.bodytalksystem.co.za, or remember to set up that appointment with your favorite practitioner today! They are all here to help you live your better life!

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