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Christina Auerbach

Christina Auerbach


Connect with your true Self.

Christina Auerbach has many years of experience as a healing therapist and has been working with Bodytalk since October 2003. She has remained abreast of the latest developments in bodytalk therapy as well as completing many advanced training modules in consciousness work, energy systems of the body and the functioning of the body-mind complex. She is a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, a member of the PaRama College and has completed PaRama 1 & 2 modules taught by John Veltheim, founder of BodyTalk.She has also attended seminars on advanced Body Chemistry and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Christina has used Bodytalk on a wide range of clients and found it an extraordinarily effective healing modality that allows a person to connect with their inner truth and purpose while at the same time addressing their physical and emotional priorities.She has had much positive feedback from clients. If you haven’t yet experienced a Bodytalk session don’t waste any more time! It is safe, painless, agenda free, effective and very relaxing.

Christina Auerbach trained and worked as a registered nurse and midwife in London, England before coming to South Africa where she married a farmer and spent the next 16 years or so raising a family, spinning and growing organic vegetables.

Over the last ten years,Christina has had more time to devote to deepening healing skills through therapuetic aromatherapy, Reiki, sound therapy and in the last seven years,Bodytalk.
Following her love for sounding, singing and sacred chant she has formed singing groups in Pietermaritzburg, Hillcrest and Firgrove Chapel, Alverstone and more recently Winston Park and has tutored groups in practical philosophy (love of wisdom).

Several years ago she built her first monochord and the following year a Soma monochord which has brought much joy to many people.

She has just recently moved to George in the Western Cape, with her husband who has taken up a post as Professor of Crop Science and Sustainable Agriculture at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

BodyTalk has come to George!

Christina Brett AUERBACH was born in London on 1st May 1957.

She is married to Raymond Auerbach, and they have three adult children.

Christina completed a degree in Social Science and Economics at London University (Goldsmiths College) and then trained as a nurse at the London Hospital, and as a midwife at Greenwich. She won a nursing competition and travelled down through Africa in 1983, and met Raymond at the end of the trip. She subsequently trained as a Therapeutic Aromatherapist, and then did courses in Reiki, BodyTalk, Reconnective Healing, Trauma Release and has used sound in her healing practice for the last ten years. She has several choirs and has been teaching music at the Roseway Waldorf School, and at St James School, Durban until her recent re-location to George.

She has presented regular workshops on the Power of Sound and the Sacredness of Chant.


Practical Philosophy: How to live a life that is centred in truth and freedom

The creative power of sound, sound therapy, chant, dance, energy medicine.

Organic gardening, nutrition, and sustainable homestead farming.

Spinning, mosaic-work and design.

Remedial education using music and movement.