Terry Greig

Terry Greig

Working with the wisdom that is has been of interest to me for many years and I have explored a variety of healthcare modalities as a client. All of which have had a role to play, however it has been BODYTALK and the IBA Life Science courses that have profoundly changed the way in which I experience life.

I first received BodyTalk in 2004 which was a huge healing experience for me. I couldn’t wait to start studying and learning how it all worked. I certified as a Practitioner in September 2005.

My training thus far :
● BodyTalk Fundamentals 1 & 2,
● Anatomy and Physiology studies.
● BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness,
● BodyTalk Bio-Dynamics,
● BodyTalk Macrocosmic Bodymind,
● BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics,
● Body Chemistry Specifics,
● BodyTalk Access,
● Right Brain Practical with Dr John Veltheim (2006),
● Advanced course PaRama Unit 1 and Practical with Dr Veltheim (2008),
● Advanced course PaRama Unit 2 and Practical with Dr Veltheim.(2010),
● PaRama Breakthrough 1 & 2 with Esther Veltheim,
● Mindscape 1,
● FreeFall 1,
● Founders Intensive with Dr John Veltheim (2013),
● Eastern Medicine with Dr John Veltheim ( 2013)
● The Soul’s Journey and 3 Brains with Dr John Veltheim (2017)
● BodyTalk Direct with Dr John Veltheim (2019)
● Body Ecology with Dr Laura Stuve (2019)

I continue to learn and broaden my experience through my work and studies and I also audit courses to deepen my understanding and keep abreast of this dynamic system.

I go for regular BodyTalk sessions and the healing and peeling of the layers has been nothing short of extraordinary in my personal growth and journey.

I love creativity and diversity so life before BodyTalk has taken me around the world to many places, meeting people and sourcing ideas and products for the formal retail clothing industry and my own business buying furniture, pottery and treasures for the world of home interiors.

I am blessed to share life with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.
I am passionate about BODYTALK and look forward to welcoming all adults and children to my full time practice to experience this truly amazing HEALTH and LIFECARE system.

Why is Bodytalk such a great system?

Yes, it promotes self healing of our symptoms but it is the bigger picture perspective that is being supported that is so profound.

What does this mean?
Bodytalk is continuously synchronising, integrating, reevaluating and disentangling relationships in the bodymind.

This supports :
• flexibility in thinking
• good cognitive function
• clarity about what is good for us
• being in touch with our intuitive guidance
• courage to be vulnerable again as we heal our hearts
• taking responsibility without blame or guilt
• courage to take action
• courage to put boundaries in place
• compassion and respect for ourselves and others and all our limitations
• living the life of now, having freed up the involvements with the past and future
• feelings of empowerment

and more….

Summed up, Bodytalk is supporting each of us in our unique expression of our potential.
I just LOVE LOVE this.