Where do I begin… there is so much to say about the incredible healing and transformation that takes place when a person experiences “BodyTalk”. I had my very first session 9 years ago and have never stopped going since. I was desperately ill, was lame on my right side, could not speak and could barely walk. I was taken to hospital and after running many different tests, doctors did not know what was wrong with me…. they could not do anything for me… sent me home with painkillers and antidepressants. I got progressively worse every day and a family friend mentioned Bodytalk to me… I had nothing to lose so decided to try. Well, my life changed that day… forever.

Since then, my entire family have been going to Bodytalk and have been since 2007…. the sessions have helped so many different illnesses/ailments/situations… I don’t even know how I am going to be able to list them all. One very significant one, is my youngest son who was not able to talk at the age of 2 and a half years. But thanks to Bodytalk it happened and today he does not stop talking. My daughter had terrible tinnitus at the age of 8 and one session of Bodytalk cleared it. She has never suffered with it since, and she is now almost 18. She had a terrible knee injury which persisted over a long period of time, which was only resolved with, yes, you guessed it… BodyTalk. She also suffered with migraines last year and those too have eased so much. And the list goes on, I only wish I could tell you of all the difficulties we have overcome. Recently I was experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and one session of Bodytalk sorted it out and I am back to functioning normally again without the need for surgery, which apparently I was told, by doctors, was the only way to resolve the condition.

Many different emotional and psychological traumas have also been dealt with over the years, and cleared through this amazing work. So, Bodytalk not only helps the physical body but the emotional, spiritual and mental body too. It is truly incredible. We trust Bodytalk and have so much faith in these incredible people that practice it. We don’t know how to explain this amazing mystery, but it truly works wonders. What an amazing gift they have to share with us and help heal us if we are just open to its abundance and amazing work. I hope and pray that more of us would just give it a try and will see what it can do and how it can change one’s life….

With Deep Gratitude to all practitioners who have worked with us….
Kind Regards & Warm Wishes
ella and entire Kent family

Mike had suffered from osteoarthritis for approximately 10 years.
He was in constant pain and could not function without his medication, which had increased from 3 tablets a day to 12 over recent months.
He had read about BodyTalk and decided to give it a try, the promise of no medication and allowing his body to heal itself was very appealing.
Within a couple of days of the session his symptoms had eased and within 2 weeks he was down to two tablets a day.
He now has the ability to do sport again and is enjoying a quality of life that he thought was over for him. –

Food allergies and constipation
Over the past 4 years I have started experiencing severe discomfort in my abdominal area, irregular bowel movements, severe pain etc. I immediately assumed that it must be something that I am eating and slowly started cutting things out of my diet.
The symptoms would briefly disappear and I would think that I had found the culprit, but within days the symptoms would return again and the whole process would start again.
I had been sending my daughter for bodytalk and had seen tremendous changes in her and Caryn promised that it works for just about anything.
I have now been a regular client for 6 month and can say with absolute conviction that BodyTalk works , my body is back to normal and I feel healthier than I have in a long time. – Margaret

My daughter Caitlin is a very shy child.
She would hide behind my skirts when we were out in public and become almost hysterical if we asked her to do something that she did not feel comfortable with, like walking up to a shop counter and paying for a purchase.
I had heard about BodyTalk from one of the parents in Caitlins play group and went along because I wanted to see if there was an underlying cause for her shyness.
Within 3 sessions she was a different child.
Looking people in the eye. Stretching her hand out to greet others and not hiding behind my skirts.
The change and confidence has been tremendous and I am just so pleased with the results. – Karin

My son, 8 years old, had had warts since he was 4 and they seemed to be spreading.
They were on the tips of his fingers, on his knees and on his eyelids.
The doctors did not want to burn them off because of their position, but gave us ointment to put n the warts.
We used the ointment for about 4 months and nothing happened.
I had taken him to Caryn for a completely unrelated matter and one morning he came to me and told me in no uncertain terms to take him back to Caryn as she would fix his warts.
I did.
Within 3 days of the visit the warts were turning black and he now has no warts anywhere on his body. – Vera

Jack was a client who had suffered from Melanoma for years. He was undergoing extensive radiation treatment.
He was anxious to try alternative therapies and decided that bodytalk would suit him.
On his first visit he mentioned a tumour that had grown on his lower back. He said it was getting bigger by the day and was causing him great discomfort, as all the waist bands of his trousers ran straight across the tumour. For various reasons the doctors were not keen to cut it away.
He asked if there was anything that could be done about it.
I said that I would see what I could do.
Two weeks later the tumour had died, all that was left of it was rotting flesh and by week 3 it had fallen off.

I have been in a marriage for 25 years. For at least half of those years I have been dreadfully unhappy.
I had gotten to the point where if I did not leave I would loose my sanity, but I had children to consider.
Mine and my husbands unhappiness was starting to effect them.
The unhappier I got, the nastier I got, I hated who I had become, I was nasty and bitter, I had no patience and took my unhappiness out on those I loved the most.
I asked Caryn if she thought she could do anything about my temper and my dissatisfaction with life in general.
She suggested that both my husband and I attend sessions, not necessarily at the same time.
Within a week after the first session I started to feel calmer, we as a couple were not fighting, we were actually talking and communicating.
It has now been about 3 months since we started BodyTalk and I have seen such a difference in the atmosphere in our house.
A friend noted today that she has never seen me so relaxed, calm and accepting. All my anxiety and angst seems to be a thing of the past.
I can only attribute it to BodyTalk as all other aspects of my life have stayed the same. -Vanessa

My son who is 4 years old is the loveliest and liveliest of boys. He is a smiley, inquisitive, busy child.
Imagine my devastation when his pre -school teacher came to me and suggested that he was uncontrollable in class and that she suggests that we consider putting him on Ritalin.
I had heard about Caryn from a friend who suggested I first go and see her before going to see a child psychiatrist.
When we arrived he was very excited, he was running around and laughing, chasing the bunnies she has and generally just enjoying himself. She called him in and placed him on the therapy bed, Immediately she started tapping out his cortices he calmed down, lying on the bed not moving a limb. I was astounded.
We have had a few sessions now and he has not lost any of his loveliness but he has calmed down significantly, so much so that the teachers have commented on the changes and thanked me for putting him on medication.
When I told them he was not on medication, that it was just the BodyTalk treatment that he was receiving they could not believe it.
I am so pleased that I tried this route before trying medication. – Emma

I was abused by my father for many, many years.
As you can imagine it affected my self esteem, it made me very aggressive and I trusted no one.
When I reached the age of 38 I decided that I needed help. I could not go through the rest of my life looking over my shoulder, not trusting anyone and painting every man I meet with the same tarred brush as my father.
I had tried psychologists over the years and had been on anti-depressants and everything worked for a while and then went back to “normal”.
I found Body Talk on line and was fascinated by the testimonials and the wide range of issues that it tackled.
It’s been a long process, nearly three years. But I am happier, more confident, I resolve problems, my defensiveness and anger are all but gone.
I am content.
I love my life. I am proud of what I have achieved and I feel optimistic about the future.
The only change was a body talk session every two weeks.
An amazing modality, like my practitioner says …………….. miracles in her finger tips. – Ami

Old age
I am a 76 year old pensioner and have loads of aches and pains.
One morning I woke up and could not move!
Eventually after a half hour struggle I managed to get out of bed.
As I made my way to my car in my pajamas I called Caryn and asked her if she would please do a body talk session on me, I was on my way.
When I arrived I could barely move my left leg and I had a huge lump on it below the knee.
45 minutes later, no lump, no pain. – Esther

Unbelievable” dog story!

Here I was, in a Caribbean country, visiting a friend at the smallholding.
Showing me some of her animals, my friend pointed at a young female Rottweiler, named Anka, strong and well developed. But what was wrong with this beautiful animal? It was on the way of being blind! The right eye was totally closed and clothed with puss; the left eye, half open, was also full of puss! The owner explained how much had been done so far, for the whole past year, to treat the eyes: antibiotic injections, topical ointment, immune system boost, thrice daily cleansing and disinfection.. but nothing seemed to work and Anka was gradually loosing its sight.

So, I offered my BodyTalk services! It was quite daring, as I have not studied BodyTalk for animals and never treated a dog before. (Where is the thymus? Where do you tap out to “save the changes”?) But there was nothing to loose, thus why not try?

On the first day, I kept my distance from Anka, having been told that the Rottweiler was a trained security dog! Soon we became friends, I used to take a chair and join her in her security-responsible area, and I had direct contact with her. So, we start working on her eyes!

BodyTalk took us to Body Chemistry, bacteria, infection of the lacrimogene glands; to Body Part, – eyes- cornea damage; to the immune system; to EGB and scars on the cornea; to cells, to inflammation of the conjunctivae tissues; again and again! After some days, the puss secretion decreased and the right eye started opening. However, a white spot, looking like a cataract, was covering part of the iris and the retina. It really looked as the dog had already lost the function of this eye. Yet, after days of daily BodyTalk session, this spot reduced, clearing up the retina. Anka could see with both eyes, with still a little slime appearing some mornings and the white spot was still there but paler and smaller. Anka told me that dust bothered her and she would like to be transferred to a grassy spot of the property!
However, after 16 days BT treatment, it was time for me to fly back to South Africa, hoping that progress will continue. I am told that Anka is still in good shape!

Speaking of eyes … I have to laugh when remembering the ones of the gardener, responsible also of the dogs, and who spent months, in fact, more than one year, trying to heal Anka! He could not believe the BodyTalk result obtained without any medication, just by tapping nicely head and chest of Anka, by this strange woman coming from Africa! I am sure, by now, rumours are circulating in town about… Body Talks! (By the way, he was so impressed that he requested his due: he had 3 BodyTalk sessions and could not believe it when some of events of his life and their impact on his present state of health came out).


After taking anti-malaria medication, I suffered two panic attacks. For anyone who has experienced
a panic attack, it is a truly frightening experience. As a fit, young man, I had never experienced anything quite like it. The nett result is that my flight or fight response became hyperactive causing
a continuous underlying level of anxiety and nervous tension.

I tried several other therapies, each with its own degree of benefit, but none with complete
success. The nature of panic attacks is the fear of the unknown. I found, due to the unknown
nature of each therapy, that each came with its own level of anxiety. A close friend recommended BodyTalk and gave me Terry’s contact details. What instantly struck me about BodyTalk was how incredibly non-invasive and nonthreatening it is – very relieving for someone who is feeling
decidedly anxious!
After my first session, I felt immediately better. My flight or fight mechanism was back under
control. When I felt anxiety or nervousness thereafter, it was in the context of normal emotion
and not physically overwhelming as it was before. The other thing that I noted after my first
session was that I was not tired, thick headed or wozzly.

I was so impressed with BodyTalk as a system and Terry as a practitioner, that I decided to
make BodyTalk a regular feature in my life. I scheduled monthly ‘tune up’ sessions where we
worked with whatever was relevant at that point in time. Also being a national sports player, I
found Terry’s performance sessions particularly useful before big tournaments!
These regular sessions really helped me to deal with current issues, big and small and enabled
me to be more centred and balanced in my daily life.

In BodyTalk, I found a system that was comprehensive, gentle and respectful.


I happened to stumble upon BODYTALK at just the right time in my life. At the beginning of the year (Jan ’09) I was hospitalised due to encephalitis (blood vessels in the brain become inflamed and swollen). I couldn’t walk, talk or swallow due to my vocal chords contracting and had to go on IV prednisone to bring down the swelling. Shortly after coming out of hospital my Mom told me about BODYTALK. I was really interested and willing to try anything to get myself back to normal.

My first BODYTALK session showed great results. The main thing I was struggling with was insomnia. I was only managing to sleep for 2 – 3hrs a night prior to my first session, but afterwards I could enjoy a solid 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. It was amazing!
I have been having regular BODYTALK sessions and it has also helped to improve my breathing capacity, clear my acne completely, improve my digestion and even improve my relationship with my Father, I believe.

I even “tapped” my Mom’s dog the other day while he was having a seizure on the beach and once I had finished, Panda immediately returned to normal. He acted as if nothing had happened and continued merrily playing with his frisbee.

HONEYMOON JOY! (Effectiveness of a Distance session)

My daughter and son-in-law were booked to go on honeymoon – a flight from CapeTown to Durban, where they would join a cruise ship for 5 days. Four days before they were due to leave, my son-in-law, a quadriplegic, developed a pressure sore, which can lead to very serious complications. In spite of keeping his weight off the area, the sore just would not heal, meaning that the honeymoon would be off. To make matters worse, the tour company would not refund them the money, or allow them to go on a later cruise.
In desperation, with just two days to go, I phoned Terry to see if she could do some BodyTalk on him. I got the answering machine saying she was away on holiday. I phoned her on her cell phone to see if she could suggest someone else and she said she would do a distance session. This she kindly did from where she was staying on holiday and the next day my son-in-law was pronounced fit to travel! Great joy all round and the newly married couple had a wonderful time. Many thanks to BodyTalk and Terry for enabling the healing to take place so speedily.